Top Food Ideas for Wedding Catering in Houston, TX

Wedding Food Ideas

Wedding CateringWhether you deny it or not, your wedding guests will always have high expectations when it comes to the food you are going to serve. One of the most unique cuisines all over the world is the cuisine. If you are planning to incorporate wedding catering in Houston, TX, you can start with the following food suggestions.

Here are some of the the most delectable food ideas you can serve to your guests on your themed catering:

Shahi Paneer

Cuisine is perfect for guests who are vegetarians. This dish is a perfect alternative for chicken meals; it is widely popular in Northern India.

Safrani Pulao

Rice dish will never be missing in an cuisine. This rich rice dish is characterized with its aromatic recipe; it is mixed with different ingredients such as milk, dry fruits, saffron and sugar.

Dal Makhani

This traditional Punjabi dish is characterized with lots of cream and butter to form a lentil curry. This is widely served in special occasions.

Tandoori Gobi

You can start the reception’s food by serving this starter. This is considered as an exotic treat that is served on parties and weddings.

Dahi Baingan

If you are a fan of curd and eggplant, this dish is a perfect relish. This dish is a tradition from Punjab state and is also a reminiscent of conventional Oriya dish.


If you are looking for an authentic dessert, this is the perfect recommendation. In India, they call Kheer as rice pudding, which is a reminiscent of South Asian type of cuisine.


You cannot go home without eating Biryani from an wedding. Biryani is always characterized of its mutton, chicken, fish and prawn flavor. It could also be eaten with salad or raita.


Tandoori fish is considered as one of the best non-vegetarian food in an wedding cuisine. It is so tasty that you want to eat more even if you are already full.

The provider of wedding catering in Houston, TX will help you achieve a unique type of preparation. If you want more ideas about Oriental type of cuisine, consult your caterer ahead of time.  

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