Catering Service Tips for a Wedding in Sacramento, CA with many Guests

Types of Catering Service

Wedding Catering
Exchanging of wedding ring is not about ceremony, after the said ritual guests will starve and need a food. When hiring a wedding catering service in Sacramento, CA, it pays to know that different caterers have different styles to serving their guests and their clients. For example, if you’re having a cocktail part reception then the catering staff will be composed of the following:

  •         1 coordinator
  •         1 supervisor
  •         1 waiter per 30-40 people
  •         1 steward per 100 people
  •         Buffet station needs 1 attendant
  •         Buffet station needs 1 runner
  •         At least 1 bartender
  •         At least one kitchen manager per buffet station

Let’s say you’re having a cocktail wedding reception with a hundred fifty people with seven buffet stations would need to have a service staff made of 4 to 6 waiters, seven buffet attendants, seven runners, two or three stewards and at least two bartenders. Having a coordinator or supervisor will help with regards to making sure that the staff you hired will be doing their jobs properly. It is your wedding after all and you don’t want any wedding catering service from Sacramento, CA ruining your once in a lifetime event.

After the ceremony is over, now is the right time to clean everything, break down all the supplies and tables and pack everything up to go back to the catering locations. A good team or staff should actually work with a checklist, this way they will be sure that everything has been arranged and nothing forgotten. Similarly as with each other phases of the reception, the staff needs to execute the clean-up carefully. The caterer’s objective is to leave the space as clean – if not cleaner than when they first set foot into the venue. The group washes supplies, for example, glasses, utensils and dishes and wraps them to be sent back to their offices. They find and clean all leased supplies, and make sure everything is in order. You can also hire a food photographer to document all the menus that you serve on your wedding day.

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